Unprecedented wonder and excitement
through Japanese regional craft products!

Japan and its local regions have wonders that many Japanese,
detached from their hometowns and even the country itself,
only realize when they talk to people from overseas.
Through an outsider’s eyes,
they discover the charms of their hometowns and are astonished by their depth.

Their hearts are captivated when they encounter local products that reflect Japan’s Seasonal flavors,
artisanal goods, and regional specialties.

Why is that ?

If we understand a regional craft product and hold it,
we are moved when we realize it isn’t just a commodity.
Their power to resonate with us becomes much stronger when we understand the invisible value of regional craft products.

Regional craft products have characteristic charms such as reflecting the seasons born through Japan’s geographic location;
the expertise, philosophy, and dedication cultivated by artisans;
and highlighting the natural environment, history, and terrain of each region.
If we bring out those charms through branding methods,
we begin to notice the wonder and excitement that we couldn’t see with our old mindset.

Respecting our forebears that created these products and introduced them to the market,
JapanPage is an innovator of new services that enable sharing, experiencing,
and feeling the wonder and excitement of regional craft products in the world at minimized expense.

Management introduction

JapanPage founder
id10japan CEO