JapanPage’s values serve as important guidelines for everyone we work with.
Each individual shaped by the guidelines fosters JapanPage.
JapanPage hopes to bring out the unlimited potential
of each person by establishing its values in its company culture.

Be moved! Enjoy!

It’s impossible to convey the charms of something if you don’t feel moved by it or like it. Let’s enjoy regional craft products as individual users within our lifestyles.

Charm discoverers and value creators
who turn the ordinary into the aspirational.

It’s quite difficult to see the charms of things that are familiar and ordinary. JapanPage is a value creator that discovers the charms in ordinary things and turns those charms into aspiration.

Creating resonating prior setup and memorable times

Even for splendid products, if the setup for the communication method is incomplete, it will not stay in people’s memories. Information is easy to forget. JapanPage refines various communication methods, stories, tools, and knowhow to create memorable, valuable times for projects and individuals that might otherwise be forgotten.

Becoming people who respect excellent
values of others without fighting

Just like projects and individuals, people and services must meet for growth. For some reason, this often produces hostility and competition. JapanPage believes that all projects and individuals have essential value that should be respected by all. With the strong sentiment of absolutely finding and believing in things, we discover the essential value of things, and achieve growth for projects and individuals through respect.

There’s nothing we can’t do!
Winning the battle against our defeatist selves.

Challenges are like food for growth. There are no walls we cannot overcome. Challenges appear for us to grow. Challenges are proof of adulthood. Let’s challenge ourselves to never give up while growing throughout business fluctuations. It’s not easy to deliver regional craft products to the world. JapanPage’s challenge is to fight against our defeatist selves and seize the day.

Let’s foster our courage and kindness to get close to others in our minds

Doing what you’re told is the bare minimum. JapanPage values people who always keep others in their hearts and minds and think, “How can my team and I achieve the goal? What can I do for that?” We foster a culture where we value people who will make a cup of tea for others when they sense something wrong in their face, who will invite them for a walk, or ask to join them for a meal.

Pass the baton to the next person!

JapanPage has many opportunities to come into contact with predecessors and businesspeople who pass on traditions. We set “era” as our keyword because of this blessed environment. We want to be individuals who sincerely consider our mission and responsibilities for what we want to inherit, what values we want to create, and what we want to leave behind within hundreds of years of history.