Terms of use

This JAPANPAGE Terms of Use (hereinafter, “this agreement”) is a legally-binding contract between the user and the operator of JAPANPAGE, id10 japan corporation (hereinafter, “id10”). The agreement covers all the content (hereinafter, “the site content”) and services (hereinafter, “the service”), including story texts, images, videos and other content provided by id10 and the JAPANPAGE website at https://www.japanpage.net/ (hereinafter, “the website”). Upon use of the website, or content or services provided by the website or id10, all individuals and organizations, by act of using the content or services, shall be deemed to agree to abide by the terms of this agreement. Users who do not agree to the terms of this agreement may not use the service or content. This agreement may be changed at any time at the discretion of id10. If an updated agreement is posted on id10’s website, the updated agreement applies to all users thereafter.

Last updated September 1, 2016

The definitions of terms used in this JAPANPAGE Terms of Use, other than those defined separately in the text below, are as follows.

1-1The “user” is defined as a person who uses the service, and a “member user” is defined as a user who has registered as a member.
1-2“User information” is defined as all the information provided by the user to id10 via the website.
1-3"Personal information" is defined as specified in Japan’s Act on the Protection of Personal Information as information on living individuals (such as name, date of birth and other information that can be used to identify a specific individual), email address, user ID, password, credit card information and other information used in connection with a specific individual, as well as other personal information linked to individuals such as information on hobbies, family composition, and age.
1-4“Products introduced” are defined as products, services, technologies, creations or accommodations that are introduced within the website content.
1-5“Product details introduced” is defined as articles, images, videos and other information posted on the website or provided to the user by the service.
1-6“Marketing tools for products” are defined as booklets and other marketing tools produced by id10 to promote sales of the products introduced.
1-7“Marketing materials” are defined as the product details introduced, related materials and marketing tools for products.
1-8“Domestic businesses” are defined as corporations or organizations, and associations, or individuals that do not have corporate status, which are operating a business in Japan related to the products introduced.
1-9 “Overseas businesses” are defined as corporations operating a business outside Japan.
2.JAPANPAGE Terms of Use
2-1The agreement sets out the terms which define the conditions of use in connection with the service, and it applies to all users using the service.
2-2In the act of using the service, the user shall be deemed to have consented to the agreement.
2-3The agreement is subject to change without prior notice. Unless otherwise provided in the agreement, when an updated agreement is disclosed on id10’s website, it applies to all users thereafter.
2-4The agreement is subject to change without prior notice. Unless otherwise provided in the agreement, when an updated agreement is disclosed on id10’s website, it applies to all users thereafter.
2-5Any failure by id10 to enforce any of its rights under the agreement shall not constitute a waiver of such right.
2-6Specific id10 services may have terms of use unique to such service, other than the agreement. Unless otherwise provided in the agreement, terms of use unique to a certain service shall take precedence over the agreement.
3.Service usage
3-1The website introduces “crafts, foods, drinks, tourist destinations, accommodations, and related products and the places they are made” which are offered by the domestic businesses in order to make them known to overseas businesses as well as individuals in and outside Japan. Map information is also provided in multiple languages.
3-2The service includes the following types of services, as well as other services posted on the website.
3-2-1Free disclosure services
・Website browsing services
3-2-2Fee-based services for member users
(a)Content production services for introducing product content
(b)Material provision services for product details introduced
(c)Marketing support services
・Producing / publishing multilingual web pages
・Producing multilingual marketing tools
・Overseas test marketing
(d)Provision of multilingual map information
3-3The service includes fee-based services only available to users who have registered as a member.
3-4The user must adhere to the agreement when using the service.
3-5id10 may change, cancel or cease any content or the service specifications without prior notice.
3-6If a user commits an act in violation of the agreement or the law, or if id10 deems appropriate, the use of the service by such user may be limited or prohibited.
3-7The service shall not be used except by means of the interface or procedure provided by the service.
3-8id10 does not guarantee that the service contains no defects or bugs in its content.
3-9A user who receives marketing materials provided by the service may use applicable material only within the scope of purpose and method expressly authorized by the marketing materials’ terms of use. Other than use within the scope of purpose and method expressly authorized by the agreement and the marketing materials’ terms of use, secondary use of the marketing materials shall not be permitted without prior written permission of id10, even when the marketing materials have been provided by the service.
3-10The user must adhere to the following when using the marketing materials provided by the service.
3-10-1The user must adhere to the agreement and the marketing materials’ terms of use.
3-10-2The user may use materials related to product details introduced only for advertising the products introduced that are related to the applicable contents. Other purposes of use are not permitted.
3-10-3The user is not permitted to damage the brand image of the product introduced.
4.Service usage fees
4-1Upon use of the service by a member user, the usage fee for the service separately set forth by id10 in “the list of fees” (hereinafter, “the fees”) shall be charged.
4-2id10 will tally the fees for each fee calculation period set by id10 and will charge the total to the member user.
4-3When charged under the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the member user shall pay the fees by a due date fixed by id10.
4-4Unless provided otherwise, the fees shall be collected by id10 or a third-party engaged by id10.
4-5The member user shall pay the fees by one of the following methods.
4-5-1Credit card
4-5-2id10-affiliated bank account transfer
4-5-3Using another method permitted by id10
4-6In the case of bank account transfer, the due date for requested payment shall be determined by id10. In the case of payment by credit card, the fees shall be assessed to the account designated by the member user on the day of transfer determined by the policyholder terms of the applicable credit card company.
4-7id10 shall not refund any fee to a member user after payment has been made to id10. The same applies in case of service cancellation.
4-8If the fees for the service (excluding default interest) are past due and remain unpaid to id10, the member user shall pay a default annual interest rate of 14.9% a year, in an amount calculated by the number of days from the day after the due date until the day before the payment is made, by the date designated by id10.
5.Rights to the service and the content
5-1Intellectual property rights such as copyrights and industrial property rights related to the website and the service (including all contents accessible to the user by the service, the same applies below in this term) belong to id10 and the third parties which have granted rights to id10.
5-2By using the service, the user shall not acquire any intellectual property rights to the website and the service. The user shall not use the website and the service, save to the extent permitted by the right-holder of the content of the website or allowed by the agreement.
5-3Property rights and copyrights to the product details introduced belong to the following.
5-3-1Copyrights to the product details introduced (including the product details introduced produced by id10 using materials provided by the user) that has been produced by id10 belongs to id10.
5-3-2When a member user provides content such as product details, the copyrights and property rights to the provided product details belongs to the right-holder of the applicable product details at the time the content was provided.
5-4id10 may use (including but not limited to duplicate, adapt, translate, distribute, transfer, loan or publicly transmit) its original product details introduced for the purpose of domestic and overseas introduction, sales or marketing of the products introduced, or may permit domestic business members to make use of it.
5-5id10 may use product details introduced for the purpose of operating the website, providing the service, or advertising id10 and the service.
5-6Users who delegate to id10 the posting of product details introduced on the website or their provision to overseas businesses agree to grant id10 all rights required for the use of the applicable product details introduced by id10 in accordance with the agreement. Applicable users guarantee that all rights handling (including, but not limited to rights handling regarding copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, portrait rights and publicity rights) required to grant id10 the above rights regarding applicable product details introduced has been completed.
5-7If the user violates the provisions of the preceding paragraph, such user shall protect and indemnify other users who lawfully used the applicable product details introduced by id10 or under the agreement, at the expense of the user who provided the applicable product details introduced (including, but not limited to attorney's fees) regarding third parties’ claims of infringement upon the rights to the applicable product details introduced or the rights included in the applicable product details introduced (including, but not limited to copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, portrait rights and publicity rights).
5-8Regardless of the method, the user cannot use (including reuse) product details introduced produced by id10 without prior consent of id10, not only as prescribed in the agreement.
6-1When using product details introduced, the user shall display near the content that the applicable product details introduced has been provided by JAPANPAGE.
6-2When using content on a website, users shall add a link to “JAPANPAGE” with the following URL, in addition to displaying the textual attribution described in item 6-1 of the agreement.
7-1The user becomes a member after applying for membership using a method specified by id10, upon id10 sending the notification of approval of the application.
7-2The user shall register true and accurate information when applying for membership registration.
7-3When the registered information of a membership changes, the user shall notify id10 immediately by specified method and modify the information to the current correct information.
7-4The member user shall take responsibility for strictly managing the ID and password issued to such member user.
7-5id10 shall assume that a member user who logs in is the actual member user if the specified authorization method to identify the member user (including, but not limited to IDs and passwords) is used to login. All fees which apply to the use of the service under the member user’s name identified by the specified authorization method shall be charged to such member user.
7-6If the member user violates the agreement, uses or attempts to use the service for a purpose or method that is illegal or offends public order or morals, or if the registered information is proven to be false, id10 may cancel the membership of such member user.
7-7The member user (if the member user is a corporation or organization, or its members) shall not allow any third party other than the member user to use ID and password.
7-8The personal information of the member user entered when applying for membership registration shall be handled under the id10 Privacy Policy.
8.Notification or contact
8-1Notifications to the user regarding the agreement and the service shall be considered complete by being displayed at the website.
8-2id10 shall answer inquiries from the user only by email, in principle.
9.Prohibition of transfer
The user shall not transfer all or part of the contractual status and the rights and obligations resulting from it to any third party without prior written consent of id10.

10.Unauthorized use
If product details introduced is used in a way that is not explicitly authorized in the agreement, id10 may demand that the user immediately cease use of all product details introduced and any derivative work. If a user is subject to such a demand, such user must immediately cease all use of product details introduced and any derivative work, comply with the demands of id10, and collect, destroy or return all product details introduced, including data or prints of product details introduced or any derivative work used in printed material, items, or products (including duplications), possessed by or managed by the user at the user’s own expense. In such a situation, the user must disclose all information regarding the whereabouts, and situation of distribution and use of product details introduced, including data, printed materials, items or products, to id10.

11.Service suspension
11-1In any of the following cases, id10 may cease or suspend all or part of the service without any liability.
11-1-1When necessary for maintenance or construction of equipment for the service by id10.
11-1-2When id10 is notified of a false statement regarding a member user.
11-1-3When no payment is made of past due fees.
11-1-4When use of the credit card used for the payment of the fees is not admitted by the credit card company that issued the credit card, due to credit card contract cancellation or other reasons.
11-1-5When a claim for bankruptcy or rehabilitation of individual legal insolvency proceeding is made.
11-1-6When a member user violates any member user obligation.
11-1-7When there is a violation or potential violation of any other material obligation of the agreement.
11-1-8When any contract termination, contract invalidity or reason for cancellation comes to light due to amendment or cancellation of the agreement, or other reason.
11-2id10 shall notify the member user in advance when cancelling the use of the service under the provisions of the preceding paragraph. However, this shall not apply in case of any emergency or unavoidable situation.
11-3Except as provided in the agreement, the member user remains obligated to pay the fees charged until the cancellation of the service, even when the use of the service is suspended under this article.
12.Cancellation of a service usage contract by id10
12-1id10 may cancel a service usage contract upon notifying the member user via a method specified by id10 if such member user whose use of the service has been suspended under article 11 of the agreement has not remediated the reason, despite having received a time-specific formal demand from id10.
12-2id10 may immediately cancel a service usage contract in any of the following cases.
12-2-1When there is a service usage contract violation related to use of the applicable service by a member user related to use of any other service provided by id10.
12-2-2When a member user is identified per id10 specified reason and id10 determines the matter will affect id10’s operational performance.
12-2-3When the death of a member user is recognized by id10.
13.Limitation of liability
13-1id10 assures that all rights and authorities needed to conclude and fulfill the agreement are possessed by id10.
13-2Except in the case specified in the previous paragraph, id10 does not guarantee whatsoever (including, but not limited to implied warranties of marketability or appropriateness for a specific purpose), whether explicitly or implicitly, the rights to the product details introduced or their subject, the quality of the product details introduced, the identity of the subject or availability of product details introduced, the quality or attributes of the introduced products, actions by providers of the introduced products, or other user action taken while using the service. id10 shall accept no liability whatsoever for any punitive damages, special damages, indirect damages, consequential damages, incidental damages, or any other similar damages, fees, or loss, that occur under the agreement, even if id10 is notified of the possibility of such damages, fees, or loss by the user or any other individuals or organizations.
13-3id10 has no obligation regarding failure to provide the service in the event of natural disaster, incident, unknown network failures, other force majeure, or slight negligence by id10.
14-1If id10 intentionally, or through serious negligence, violates the assurance stipulated in paragraph 13-1 of the agreement, and the product details introduced is used in accordance with the agreement, and the user has not violated the agreement, id10 will protect against, compensate, and make exemption for a claim made by third parties related to such violation, within the scope of damages actually experienced by the user. However, id10 is not obligated to do this when any of the following items (a) to (c) applies.
(a)The user has not followed the terms of the agreement.
(b)Damages to a third party have occurred due to willful acts or negligence on the part of the user.
(c)The product details introduced is the target of a claim of rights infringement by a third party and the user continues to use the content after notification by id10 or after the user has become aware of the situation by other means.
14-2The user shall compensate for all the damages to id10 or other users arising as a result of or related to a violation of the agreement by the user. The user shall protect against, compensate, and exempt id10, and its executive officers, directors, and employees against any and all responsibility and costs arising from damages that occur due to claims from third parties as a result of violation of the agreement by the user.
14-3Except for what is noted in paragraph 14-1 of the agreement, id10 has no obligation to make any compensation.
14-4Parties who make a claim for compensation (hereinafter, “compensation claimant”) based on paragraphs 14-1 and 14-2 of the agreement must immediately notify the party who will make compensation for said claim (hereafter, “compensating party”) after receiving a claim for applicable compensation from a third party. The compensating party may choose to process the claim, seek legal action, reach a settlement, or defend the claim. In such a case, the compensation claimant must respond to reasonable requests from the compensating party and cooperate in defending the claim or legal action. The compensation claimant has the right to pursue legal action through a lawyer of its choice, with all pursuant costs borne by the claimant. The compensating party bears no responsibility to compensate the compensation claimant for any legal or other costs borne by the compensation claimant before the claim was reported to the compensating party.
15.Trademark rights
With respect to the use of “JAPANPAGE” or the trade names, trademarks, logos, or service marks (hereafter referred to in general as “marks”) of any product details introduced or their provider (hereafter “product provider”) users must agree that (i) these marks are the property of id10 or the product provider only, currently and in the future, (ii) rights to use the marks are not granted to users, and (iii) users agree to not state objections as to the validity of the applicable marks now or in the future.

16.Eliminating involvement of anti-social forces
16-1The user shall be committed to each of the following statements.
16-1-1The user (if the user is a corporation, including its representative, executive, an employee or a person who has a substantial control of the management) is not involved in anti-social forces such as a crime syndicate, a member of a crime syndicate, an associate member of crime syndicate, an ex-member of less than 5 years, a crime syndicate-related company, a corporate racketeer, a political campaign, a religious activity, a criminal organization falsely registered as a political organization, or a special intelligence organized crime group (collectively, “antisocial forces”) and is not involved with antisocial forces by providing funds and facilities to them.
16-1-2The purpose of concluding this agreement is not so that antisocial forces can make use of the name of the user.
16-1-3Concluding this agreement and using the service is not for any of the following purposes.
(a)Fraud, assault, extortion, or other criminal act
(b)To illegally infringe upon privacy rights, honor rights, property rights, or other legal rights
(c)To provide to or to make use of the outcomes of the service with antisocial forces
(d)Other than (a) through (c), any purpose that id10 reasonably determines that is illegal or antisocial.
16-1-4The user him/herself or a third party is not permitted to take any of the following actions under the agreement before the termination of the service.
(a)Acts of assault or physical violence act toward any id10 executive, employee, subcontractor, deputy, or other party
(b)Acts which infringe upon id10’s operation or defame its trust by spreading rumors, or using fraudulent means or force
(c)Unreasonable claim acts beyond the scope of legal responsibility
(d)Any act equivalent to (a) through (c)
16-2If id10 deems it necessary to investigate in order to judge whether or not an act corresponds to that described in the preceding paragraph, the user shall cooperate with the investigation at the request of id10 and submit materials that id10 determines to be needed for such investigation.
16-3id10 may cease providing the service without making any formal demand if any of the following situations apply to the user.
(a)16-1-1 A report makes it clear that there has been a violation of the commitment under 16-1-1
(b)16-1-2 It becomes clear that a contract has been concluded in violation of the commitment under 16-1-2
(c)16-1-3 Service provision is received for a purpose that violates the commitment under 16-1-3
(d)16-1-4 There is an act which violates the commitment under 16-1-4
16-4id10 has no obligation to compensate the user for damages in case service provision is ceased under the provisions of the preceding paragraph.
16-5The cancellation of this agreement under the provision of 16-3 shall not prevent id10 from claiming compensation for damages to the user.
Even if it has been certified that one or multiple articles in the agreement are invalid, this shall not have any effect on the validity of other articles. The applicable articles shall be amended within the scope necessary to ensure that the articles are made valid.
18.Applicable laws and jurisdiction
18-1All content in this agreement is governed by Japanese law.
18-2Any disputes arising under or in connection with the agreement shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the court of first instance of the Tokyo District Court.