Directly delivering Japan’s Seasonal flavors, artisanal goods, regional specialties to the world. Product stories, online orders (B2C, B2B), and door to door international delivery services specializing in regional craft products (sake, teas, giftware, traditional crafts and designed articles).

[ Products ]
Regional craft product order site for individuals Language:English、Japanese

Order site for people who are considering purchases of regional craft products on an individual level.We deliver via international home delivery, including for ambient, chilled, and frozen shipments both large and small.

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Regional craft product order site for commercial buyers Language:English、Japanese

Order site for purchase decision makers who purchase regional craft products for commercial use at restaurants, bars, select shops, art museums, etc.
We deliver via international home delivery for ambient, chilled, and frozen shipments without weight limits.
*Registration is necessary for buyers who wish to conduct product inspections.

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JapanPage Day

We hold this event in which regional craft product makers describe their dedication and passion, and storytellers convey the charms of products. Visitors can touch and sample products in a friendly atmosphere and order products at a special price.
Target audience ・Consumers with scarce opportunities to experience regional craft products
・The media
・Commercial buyers
・Officials from local governments

JapanPage Club

Aiming to actively strengthen branding and sales of regional craft products, we conduct i) member services, 2) seminars, and 3) training courses for regional craft product sales officials, development officials, producers, designers, and local government and administrative officials. Click here