Our Acts put our Vision into action.
Our Acts rooted in our Mission serve as JapanPage’s policy for undertaking our duties.

Redefining the value of Japan’s Seasonal flavors,
artisanal goods, regional specialties with a global sensibility.

Creating feature publications

We create prominent feature publication themes that facilitate clear understanding of regional craft product characteristics.

Telling a story

We create and tell condensed stories about the unique characteristics of products.

Posting expert comments

In addition to our own communications, we also share product characteristics from the perspectives of experts and third parties.

Sharing modern enjoyment of regional craft products

Product discovery

Our secretariat discovers the best regional craft products while circling the entire country, participating in exhibitions, and exchanging ideas with experts.

Regional craft product library

We aim to create a regional craft product library in which users can narrow down products based on various criteria.

Instagram posts from producing areas

Regional craft product production businesses share their latest updates on Instagram.

Product stories

We share likeable stories liable to attract lots of likes.

Holding events with product experiences

We hold events where customers can experience products. Please come to see the texture and presence of the real thing.

Creating a distribution environment
that makes regional craft products easily accessible.

Ordering is done online

Ordering is done online due to language barriers, to leave a record, and to eliminate order mistakes.

Equal product prices worldwide

By setting the same product prices worldwide, we have clear accounting of delivery costs, etc.

Expanding purchase opportunities through preorders

It is possible to preorder popular products that only have a limited quantity.

Small amounts and large amounts

We deliver both small and large amounts via airfreight. We’ve even delivered a 300 kg order!

Ambient/ chilled/ frozen

Through our packing method that enables chilled and frozen temperature control, we delivery seasonal regional craft products overseas.

Low-cost international shipments

Our rate structure is even lower-priced than surface mail for volumes over a fixed amount. It’s a new airfreight distribution player.