Unprecedented wonder and excitement
through Japanese
regional craft products!

Our Vision

Regional craft products don’t attract us just as commodities.
Their power to resonate with us becomes much
stronger when we understand the invisible value of regional craft products.
Respecting its forebears, JapanPage is an innovator of new services that enable sharing, experiencing,
and feeling the wonder and excitement of regional craft products in the world at minimized expense.


Our Acts

Redefining the value
of Japan’s Seasonal flavors, artisanal goods, regional specialties
with a global sensibility.

Products themselves have the power to move people.
However, we believe that we can greatly transform the charms and that power conveyed by reexamining and redefining product value in terms of specific reception and demand. It is possible to transform market value even with existing products without the need for new product development.


Sharing modern
enjoyment of regional
craft products

At first glance, regional craft products sometimes give the impression of being stale and old-fashioned. But if we understand them more deeply, we can see their ties to some item featured in a magazine, or a modern design. They also represent once yearned-for lifestyles. We provide a space for sharing enjoyment of regional craft products in modern times.


Creating a distribution environment
that makes regional craft products easily accessible.

Without online stores or reasonably-priced distribution, potential shoppers experience difficulty even if they want an appealing product. We not only discover regional craft products, but also enable door-to-door delivery of products ordered by individual consumers and commercial buyers through online stores and international distribution.


Our Values

JapanPage has a track record of experience and expertise.
Our evaluation criteria rooted in this approach inform our values.
We are led by our guidelines for supporting the people we work with.

When we run into obstacles and issues arise,
we reexamine our six core values and reflect them in our actions.
All people are unique with their own individual goals.
Our employees work toward common goals.
We’ll introduce the guidelines that they take to heart.


Our Products

Improving issues / value creation services JapanPage

JapanPage has service plans that always listen to the troubles
and issues of regional craft product production businesses.
Sometimes we have greatly changed developed content.
We turn minuses into zeroes, and zeroes to pluses.
JapanPage’s specialty is services that improve issues and create new value.